About us


Limburg Lab & Factory was established in 2014, and its first purpose was food development.
Then one day in 2017, a study to solve the hole in the jeans that plagued me for my whole life began, and finally in January 2019, through research and testing, SAVE MY JEAN was born.

It was not for the purpose of commercializing the product for the first time, but for blocking holes in my jeans, but knowing that there is no product for this purpose in the world, I decided to brand this product.

But at the same time, the world's first opportunity was a crisis that no one knew.

I love to challenge these thrills, and I'm planning a launch on Kickstarter.

It's important to sell a lot of products, but I started to dream bigger dreams based on this product.

I want to go that way.

Products to be launched


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LIMBURG lab factory

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