Scientific verification

  • Wear and damage to fibers due to friction during walking.  

  • Increased fiber friction coefficient due to sweat.  

  • Textile weakness due to sweat salinity.

  • Torn by repeated tension on damaged parts.

  • The main ingredient of plant-derived oil

  • It is made of harmless substance.

  • Seated in fiber structure to strengthen fiber.

  • Prevention of inflow of sweat, water repellent function.

  • The superior performance of the fiber coating agent for abrasion prevention.


 Blue shield coatings are made by mixing Teflon components in vegetable oil.   It has the highest abrasion resistance.   We also use H1 grade Teflon oil, which is harmful to the human body, from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

 Abrasion resistance comparison experiment

An extreme wear performance test was carried out with an industrial sanding machine.  In non-coated areas, the fiber was damaged in only 5 seconds with only one sanding. The coated part was damaged by four times of sanding.  This confirms that the fibers coated with Save My Jean have strong abrasion resistance.

  • A crotch is a place with lots of sweat.

  • The salt of sweat is the main cause of weakening the fiber.

  • Blue shield coating prevents sweat inflow and prevents fiber wear

공식 마찰강도.png

Fiber damage was not found in more than 100,000 repeated abrasion tests.


                 Test report / Save My Jean is a safe product certified by KTR.                        

Certification Number FB19-07-0001